Audi e-bike Official – A bicycle that runs at 80 kmph HD

Path Bike Stunt Video clip Rating: 4 / 5


  1. Edouard Blain-Noël

    wearing an helmet but not using its latch is just completly idiotic

  2. Chris Nelvin

    A bike that almost nobody can afford. One of the biggest pros with bicycles
    is their low cost. Might as well just get an electric or gas scooter for a
    fraction of the price.

  3. Abaddon První

    A tu nezapnutou přilbu má jako na co? při prvním pádu by mu hned spadla
    hmmm je to frajer 

  4. e r

    I wish there is folded version of this byc

  5. Nullll1111

    Liam Neeson has got tarted up a bit.

  6. teamhex

    Who goes to a random restaurant and orders a red bull? The stuff is
    expensive already.

  7. Zoltán Szűcs

    gazdag proliknak való.

  8. Todd Strong

    Wear a helmet without attaching the strap? That’s the stupidest thing I’ve
    seen this year! What’s the point of that? Do you lay your seatbelt across
    your lap and not buckle it? This video should be immediately pulled. I
    think people that don’t buckle up shouldn’t’ be allowed to ride. The only
    good thing about them is their organ donations. 

  9. MTB Benediktbeuern-Bichl

    Audi e-bike Official – A bicycle that runs at 80 km/h

  10. Marcelo Lemos

    Confira este vídeo no YouTube:

  11. kumresh N
  12. Oliver Sanchez

    Mira, querías una bici de montaña, además es eléctrica.

    Audi e-bike Official – A bicycle that runs at 80 …:

  13. DmM843

    Nice bike, but currently illegal in germany (electric engine cutoff at
    25kmph required)

  14. Zeke Roberts


  15. Stephen Elswick

    Audi e-bike

  16. Simon M.
  17. Volkan Ayçiçek
  18. stefan ivanov

    looks cool…bur why there is noone who make bicycles for big(200 tall/143
    kg-s) people ?


    uncool as he didnt latch up the helmet :-((

  20. Cuyler Gabriel

    pretty sure it need to be buckled for a commercial like this

  21. Honky Tonk

    If only Audi make their cars as good. Audi cars are shet!

  22. javier velasco
  23. Manna Ste

    …idiota…allacciati il caschetto oppure levatelo….’mbecille!!!

  24. GirdleySanders

    Some people are never happy with a fun idea

  25. morrwald

    why does it even have pedals?

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