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Actual Reasons Behind Sky Departure

Superstar Brit cyclist Mark Cavendish has reportedly got candid with the actual reasons that compelled him to leave Team Sky. The renowned best finisher stressed on an incident with coffee maker & a tiff with Sky’s directeur sportif.

Cavendish is presently with Omega-Pharma.

“I will admit that I am fussy at times. I am very serious when it comes to coffee, akin to many other riders. Thus I was pleased when I saw the Nespresso coffee machine during my breakfast with the team. But I was disturbed when I saw a used coffee capsule under the flap. After a short speech I was sure that a repeat is not probable the next day. But the same thing started every day & my morning diatribes became a regular feature”, stated Cavendish while elaborating on the coffee machine incident that instigated him to quit from the team altogether.

“All my speeches were taken as a mockery & the team stuck warning poster above the coffee machine, on my part. It was possibly the most on which the whole team started laughing & the tale of this coffee machine became almost a story for me”, Cavendish added in.

Cavendish further claimed that he was left high & dry by Team Sky following his souring relation with Sean Yeats, the Team Sky sportif directeur.

“On the 6th stage of Tour France, a big crash resulted in severe injury for many. My tyre got exploded & when I asked about the tyre puncture repeatedly, but there was no response. After a long while Yeats checked in with the mechanic and after my wheel was fixed he just drove away without even a push for me”, shared Mark. “ I have never felt stranded this way before . I was the most favorite winner at that stage of Tour France & such mechanical reaction left me heartbroken. It was 6th of July when I had the realization that this might be my 1st & last Tour France with Sky.”

The Kazakh Storm on Cycling Tracks

Alexander Nikolaevich Vinokourov, the professional bicycle racer from Kazakhstan is now functioning as the general manager of UCI ProTeam Astana. Vinokourov was also the national cycling champion in Kazakhstan and grabbed two medals in the Summer Olympics also. Adding to it, as a cyclist, he got two bronzes in World Championships, four stages wins each in the Tour de France as well as Vuelta a España, and an overall title in the year 2006.

Creating the latest in news about him, Vinokourov grabbed a commendable victory in the men’s cycling road race, by dashing off the British hopes of gold, in the full day competition at the London Olympic. Vinokourov tactfully surged past the Colombia’s Rigoberto Uran during the final stretch near the London Buckingham Palace after the most boasted a British team ultimately failed in a frantic attempt to lessen the gap of less than a minute behind the leading pack and pave way for the world champion Mark Cavendish to grab the victory.

Vinokourov was previously banned from racing for 2 years in 2007 for blood doping. He announced his retirement from professional cycling after the last year Tour de France; however it is evident that he failed in resisting the urge to get back on his bike again. Vinokourov also suffered a very serious crash during the 2011 Tour de France, which also poised a threat to prematurely end Vinokourov’s cycling career again after the successful return.

However, later that year, he announced his return for another season in 2012 – clearly keeping an eye on the London Olympics and now proving that it was a quite apt decision for him to be made. Vinokourov played the vital role of an ultimate spoiler when he dramatically won the gold in men’s road race after breaking-away with the Colombian Rigoberto Urán in the closing miles.

Kawasaki Ninja 300

Kawasaki is a Japanese organization which is somewhat responsible for introducing the world to an amazing range of sports bike. Kawasaki has recently introduced a new motorcycle called Kawasaki Ninja 300 which is a modified version of the Kawasaki Ninja 250R.

The world is witnessing the rise of street motorcycles such as Suzuki Inazuma, Honda CBR250R, KTM Duke etc. Kawasaki has come out with a bike that has all the stylish qualities of a sports bike but is very much a powerful street motorcycle. (more…)

New Generation American Cyclists

The recent doping issues involving some of the American riding stalwarts, especially Lance Armstrong have forced a heavy blow to the esteemed reputation of American cycling. But fortunately, some of the young turks of US cycling like 21 year old Lawson Craddock & 24 years old Carter Jones, led by 24 years of Tejay Garderen have assumed the responsibility of recreating a cleaner cycling environ for America.

Garderen, who recently achieved the celebrated race leader jersey on Friday on his time-trial win in Amgen Tour of California declared that it’s their (the new generation US cyclists) responsibility to ensure that the offseason catastrophic which brought down some of the best names in US biking does not happen again.

“Responsibility is vital here. We do have the responsibility to stay away from that road which led to the infamy of American cycling in the recent past. The sport is mostly clean now & it’s our responsibility to make is stay that way only”, noted Tejay Garderen, one of the leading names from BMC. He stressed that they are focused on providing the valued American riding fans with a straight clean show.

Amgen Tour of California is the first prestigious race to take place in America after the continent was dethroned from its usual royal position in world cycling given the doping confessions by some of the best American cyclists. The new generation has announced that they would collectively and individually stay responsible to clean up the sport and also the remnants left by the defamed predecessors. The young turks of US cycling are focused to prove the worth of American cycling, this week & going forward as well.

As Craddock said-“The good part is that presently we are backed by a fantastic team of young American cyclists. We are very motivated and want to perform better in a clean way putting all that mishaps behind us”.