Bear Incident In Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is known to have its thrills, but there are moments when unforeseen dangers come by as well.

For instance, there was a Go Pro live footage that was captured recently of a bear coming very near bike riders at the Malino Brdo bike park. This live footage got about a million views in the span of one day. The footage was captured live by Dušan Vinžík. He was riding in a bike park in Slovakia. Nowadays bear attacks are rare, which often makes people forget how dangerous bears can be. Last year in the month of June a bear attacked and killed a mountain biker in Glacier National Park. The footage does show a close encounter with a biker. Indeed the sudden rush of speed can make these animals charges. But as the forest authorities point out, if you stay calm and do not show sudden movements, the animals tend not to attack even if they charge forward initially. However, as a sign of precaution mountain bikers are recommended to carry bear pepper spray and avoid venturing deep into the back country of any national park or reserve area.

This incident was recorded by a pair of mountain bikers as the video showcases. The bear was caught on the lens as he suddenly came charging up and seemed to be headed straight for the lead biker who was unaware that he was being chased. The two bikers did manage to escape and they even stopped to discuss the incident about hundred feet from where they had seen the animal first. This is one of the dangers of being out there in wooded areas and not knowing what might emerge from the thickets of bushes. However, that is the thrill of nature and adventure that lures many bikers as well as the practice of training the legs and endurance that this kind of biking gives to riders.