GTA San Andreas Mountain Bike Stunts (Video 3)

Path Bicycle Stunt Video clip Ranking: 2 / 5


  1. victoria k

    you should like.. stop playing this game nad get good at something in real

  2. stephen45670

    all i can say is 2 things:- 1.less than 1 star 2.ur character looks gay

  3. misskimmay20

    ok i wanna know how you get the speedo thingy? and your character is not
    cj? is this on ps2 cause i have a xbox and its different

  4. Peter606

    wow cool stunt!

  5. RollerbladingChamp

    Runescapearcher you have to get xbox live

  6. steemm

    i was thinking that he look like a normal guy, he has jeans pants and a
    normal t-shirt 😐 ;O but this is only your opinion and i respect that :]

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