Jesse Sergent & Sebastien Chavanel Injured At Flanders Tour

The recently concluded Flanders Tour ended on a tad bitter state this year – it’s said that the Tour suffered the needed drama when Kiwi rider Jesse Sergent heavily crashed when a neutral car clipped him while attempting to overtake 7 breakaway riders.

“He (Jesse) has been provided first aid”, stated a statement from Trek Factory.

“Sadly it seems like a fractured collarbone.”

Sergent had to be hospitalized as the doctors prescribed a needed surgery for him this week.

Neutral service vehicles are on course to help riders with bikes or wheels to assist with mechanical aide while team cars aren’t around.

Later on, French cyclist Chavanel (Sebastien) was to be aided by his team FDJ vehicle while the neutral car could not brake timely & crashed into rear of team vehicle that sent the cyclist flying on his back.

One of the spokesmen from the team said that the French rider didn’t restart the championship.

These incidents were, however, all behind Alexander Kristoff (Katusha) as the Winner emerged with victory at Flanders Tour. The win marked his 1st victory at a Monument race.

“It wasn’t easy, but I am really happy”, stated the winner rider.

“I had fantastic legs today”.

Olympic bronze winner Kristoff joined up with Katusha team in the year 2012.

Brit rider Geraint Thomas, a much favoured name in Flanders Tour this year, didn’t follow the winning move & ended up at the 14th place.

Terpstra attacked around 25 kilometers from finish & Kristoff (Alexander) jumped into the wheel & the duo came up with a thirty-second lead, riding ahead of a pool of favourites.

Sagan & Van Avermaet also rode away in last Paterberg climb, a brutally cobbled 400m climb with 12.5 % average gradient. But nobody could reach up to the Katusha winning duo.