King Feared Career Termination Post Training Crash

Brit Olympic track champ Dani King feared her career was over following her traumatic crash during training earlier this month. The leading rider, who triumphed with gold medal at 2012 London Olympics, suffered collapsed lung & 8 broken ribs as she succumbed to a serious crash during her usual training at South Wales.

The famous 24-year-old cyclist was kept at ICU for a couple of days followed by hospital care for 10 long days.

“There were zillion things running in my head – it seemed that I would not ever be able to ride again”, stated the rider who is now safely back home and undergoing recovery.

“As I hit ground, it was okay. I thought I would be able to get up lightly. Then suddenly I started feeling excruciating pain- it seemed that as if somebody had rode right on my back & that’s when the entire damage was being done”, she continued.

“I could actually feel that my ribs are moving & it was extremely scary. I was lying there for say an hour. There was a heavy downpour & I could not feel anything on my feet and it worried me.3 folks had severe head injuries & I was the last one.”

The Cardiff based rider, decided to shift to road from track last October so that she can ride for full-time for her squad Wiggle Honda. King was not enlisted in GB roster for the funding year of 2014-15 & she is hopeful to come up in a much better state for Rio Olympics in 2016 by spending the coming season on road.

The leading riding star stressed that her crash could not keep her away from road racing & she is pretty determined not to let it irk her coming 2015 season.”I did 3 gym sessions with chest drain while in hospital”, noted the determined rider.