KO Bike Crash

Path Bicycle Stunt Video Score: three / five


  1. mmiguy2306

    What a fucking idiot… PEOPLE WEAR A FULL FACE HELMET lol 

  2. Dylan Shafer

    How come when people do this stuff on jackass it’s cool and funny but when
    these guys do they’re “dick heads” doesn’t make sense. 

  3. Subaru Rally

    you could of at least got him a proper helmet 

  4. Subaru Rally

    people wear ” Full faced helmets ” for stuff like this for a reason 

  5. djs2219

    you’re a pro mountain biker now funny I thought pros could actually ride
    what a twat

  6. MGPgamer12321

    I mean he is good i thought he is a pussy until he said he forggot sorry
    dude i knocked my self out to on my bike i hit the fucking tree

  7. MGPgamer12321

    Wtf pussy

  8. jamesdudeyo

    Yall niggas are cold as hell!!!!! #questfornuts omfg yall should feel
    horrible but this is funny as fuckin shitttttt!!!! Keep up the good work lol

  9. moedem

    Dick plant

  10. eisenherz188

    fatal boring

  11. ihaveahand

    dog lick!

  12. superposition88

    That was gay! Not nearly fatal. The only think he killed was manhood!

  13. Vaughn Collins

    his manhood was already crushed

  14. RushNReady

    lol stupid idiot lol

  15. iban fernandez


  16. jason sloten

    You’re a pro moutainbiker now..

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