Mountain Biking To Be Introduced To Nevada’s High School Students

Nevada students have been looking for a sport other than the traditional ones like baseball, football etc and soon mountain biking will be introduced to them as an option. The governing body of High School Mountain biking, National Interscholastic Cycling Association has plans for a Nevada league. The chairman of the organization Doug Bedient has said that they’re seeking participants from high schools from all over the state; he has also said that the middle school students too could enter the league.

The league is set in Incline Village.

Bedient is hopeful of the league being up and running by 2016 or even sooner if possible.

Bedient is a coach himself; he coaches a team in incline village which mostly competes in Northern California.

Bedient is of the opinion that no other prerequisite other than the interest in outdoors is necessary. Bedient has received information that the new league is going to take up a year or so in order to be set up.

The ideal course is going to be short but will have multiple loops and the terrain, according to the association, can be negotiated by beginners.

The schools will not be providing funds for this, it’ll be funded by the families of the participants and other sponsors and if necessary, fund raising programs will serve the purpose.

The uniqueness of the interscholastic bike league lies in the fact that unlike other mountain biking competitions, it is much more accessible and there’s also the opportunity of representing one’s school or community.

According to Bedient, anyone can join a team and the competitions are tailored to let novices develop their skills through competing in lower level competitions to let them advance to tougher races ahead.

He says that his experience has taught him that beginners who dedicate time and put a significant amount of effort in practice generally make progress at a very fast rate.

Bedient said,” you can take a freshman girl, you put her on a bike with a little training and in a month I am dying trying to keep up.”