My Cannondale Trail SL 29er Mountain Bike

Trail Bicycle Stunt Movie Score: four / 5


  1. koukimonzta

    These seem lighter than the cannondale trail bikes.

  2. Hecket

    Nigga… that bike is *two grand*!!

  3. Matt C

    Nice color on the bike, picked up the black 29’er. Great all around bike.
    I’m 6’5 and it’s exactly what a taller guy needs. Good luck out there. 

  4. Manuel Hernandez

    I love the color of the bike! Awesome shade of blue! This is exactly the
    type of bike i wanna buy! How does it ride? I am 6’2 240lbs, i wanna lose
    weight and get in shape.

  5. ufo510 tab

    Sweet stay biking for life til the day i die.

  6. R Acebedo

    Sweet bike I love the color have fun 

  7. bldlightpainting

    Because you liked the color? Lol. What, are you a girl? Lol. JK man, I
    personally love the 2015 chili pepper red Trail 3 for my style of ridding.
    Enjoy, and stay in shape. 

  8. Antony Achtner

    Yeah you made the right choice mate, I still have a Cannondale beast of the
    east 1997. And back then they was way ahead compared to most bike
    companies. So 2014 must be amazing!

  9. Andre Tosch

    nice bike!! if you dont mind me asking how much was it? what made you pick
    cannondale over giant or trek? was it just the color?

  10. Darius A. Vesa

    The bike seems pretty big . I am looking for a bike too , I an 6.7 tall .
    How tall are u dude ?

  11. Jack J. Smith

    good buy Fred

  12. Scott Barron

    cannondale are sik bikes love everything about mine the ride is awsome
    check my vid out ov my bike & happy riding mate !

  13. Chris White
  14. dj Royal Tee

    Funny, I am looking at this model online and I thought the blue was ugly.
    Now that I see it in your vid, it is schaweeet! … thx for posting
    this…ride safe. 🙂

  15. Chris White

    No 2013

  16. Chris White

    I thought the same thing until i saw it in the shop.

  17. Josh Mccabe

    Is this 2014?

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