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Actual Reasons Behind Sky Departure

Superstar Brit cyclist Mark Cavendish has reportedly got candid with the actual reasons that compelled him to leave Team Sky. The renowned best finisher stressed on an incident with coffee maker & a tiff with Sky’s directeur sportif.

Cavendish is presently with Omega-Pharma.

“I will admit that I am fussy at times. I am very serious when it comes to coffee, akin to many other riders. Thus I was pleased when I saw the Nespresso coffee machine during my breakfast with the team. But I was disturbed when I saw a used coffee capsule under the flap. After a short speech I was sure that a repeat is not probable the next day. But the same thing started every day & my morning diatribes became a regular feature”, stated Cavendish while elaborating on the coffee machine incident that instigated him to quit from the team altogether.

“All my speeches were taken as a mockery & the team stuck warning poster above the coffee machine, on my part. It was possibly the most on which the whole team started laughing & the tale of this coffee machine became almost a story for me”, Cavendish added in.

Cavendish further claimed that he was left high & dry by Team Sky following his souring relation with Sean Yeats, the Team Sky sportif directeur.

“On the 6th stage of Tour France, a big crash resulted in severe injury for many. My tyre got exploded & when I asked about the tyre puncture repeatedly, but there was no response. After a long while Yeats checked in with the mechanic and after my wheel was fixed he just drove away without even a push for me”, shared Mark. “ I have never felt stranded this way before . I was the most favorite winner at that stage of Tour France & such mechanical reaction left me heartbroken. It was 6th of July when I had the realization that this might be my 1st & last Tour France with Sky.”

Cavendish Loses Pounds For Olympic

The winner of 20 Tour stages and five stages in a row last year and the BBC Sports Personality of the Year, the British sprinter ace Mark Cavendish is now ready to adapt his diet in order to give his best at the Olympic race which is round the corner. He has reduced his weight by 9lbs through vigorous practice but it is being feared that he also shed some of his incredible strength on sprinting due to the huge weight loss.

But he is ready to compromise it for a while now for the sake of the finish line in the Olympics, ahead of all, unlike the other sprinters like him who are never able to make it. For him it is the country name that stands more important right now as he is going to represent the same in the Olympics. The cycling event doesn’t quite have an importance when it comes to Olympics but getting a medal for the nation is a matter of pride and prestige.

When asked about the possible sprint loss, Mark Cavendish gave a confident reply as, “I am so much faster than the others anyway I can afford to lose a few per cent in the sprint in order to be able to get to the line. It is worth it this one year, especially when the team is concentrating on the General Classification. It is worth doing that for the Olympics.” He’ll be aiming to beat the likes of Thomas Voeckler and Fabian Cancellara to the finishing line.

The determination to earn pride for Great Britain has instilled in extra motivation in Mark Cavendish. The rigorous training has already offered him wins in his general classification category at the Ster ZLM Toer in Holland. However, his chances of winning multiple Tour stages may be compromised because of his joining Team Sky where more attention is on Bradley Wiggins where he is preparing to become the first victorious Briton at Tour de France.