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Bear Incident In Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is known to have its thrills, but there are moments when unforeseen dangers come by as well.

For instance, there was a Go Pro live footage that was captured recently of a bear coming very near bike riders at the Malino Brdo bike park. This live footage got about a million views in the span of one day. The footage was captured live by Dušan Vinžík. He was riding in a bike park in Slovakia. Nowadays bear attacks are rare, which often makes people forget how dangerous bears can be. Last year in the month of June a bear attacked and killed a mountain biker in Glacier National Park. The footage does show a close encounter with a biker. Indeed the sudden rush of speed can make these animals charges. But as the forest authorities point out, if you stay calm and do not show sudden movements, the animals tend not to attack even if they charge forward initially. However, as a sign of precaution mountain bikers are recommended to carry bear pepper spray and avoid venturing deep into the back country of any national park or reserve area. (more…)


The 2o17 edition of the Grindrod Bank Berg and Bush opened for entries from the 1st of February.

For this year, the organizers of the event are bringing out new trails, with an upgraded tent area as well. This edition holds a promise to outshine the last year’s edition.

For the first 15 days in the month of February, the participants from the last year’s edition will be allowed to make their entries after which any other bikers who wish to participate in mountain biking can then make their entries as well.

Riders will be able to sign up for either the descent taking place from 6th to 8th of October, or the great trek starting from the 10th to the 12th of October, or the two day 14 to 15th of October.

This event is famous for its unique, free-flowing bushveld single track that goes through the Drakensberg.

The Grindrod Bank Berg and Bush is one filled with a lot of highlights and every action is worth it. Participants are welcome to enjoy the mind-boggling 13km descent that brings each of the final days to an end. (more…)


James Reid – South Africa’s mountain biking champion – has revealed his decision to withdraw from mountain biking for 2017.

He told Trendmtb in a recent feature that he has decided to suspend his professional racing career in other to dedicate more time to his studies.

The South African is currently studying for a Masters degree in business administration MBA) at UCT’s Graduate School of Business.

“Cycling has been a big part of my life but it’s not my whole life – it is not the only thing that defines me,” said Reid.

“I also want an intriguing and engaging life beyond sport, not necessarily in the cycling sphere. So in a way, doing my MBA is setting myself up for the years of my life post bike racing,” he added.

The young athlete has so far had a rewarding career, with many titles to his name. Some of his most notable accomplishments include; two Elite national XCO titles, two Elite national marathon titles, and recently represented South Africa at the Rio Olympic Games.

The 24-year old professional did not disclosed when he will return to professional cycling, but hinted that he will definitely make a comeback and intended to face the sport with a different approach when he returns. (more…)

Jesse Sergent & Sebastien Chavanel Injured At Flanders Tour

The recently concluded Flanders Tour ended on a tad bitter state this year – it’s said that the Tour suffered the needed drama when Kiwi rider Jesse Sergent heavily crashed when a neutral car clipped him while attempting to overtake 7 breakaway riders.

“He (Jesse) has been provided first aid”, stated a statement from Trek Factory.

“Sadly it seems like a fractured collarbone.”

Sergent had to be hospitalized as the doctors prescribed a needed surgery for him this week.

Neutral service vehicles are on course to help riders with bikes or wheels to assist with mechanical aide while team cars aren’t around.

Later on, French cyclist Chavanel (Sebastien) was to be aided by his team FDJ vehicle while the neutral car could not brake timely & crashed into rear of team vehicle that sent the cyclist flying on his back.

One of the spokesmen from the team said that the French rider didn’t restart the championship.

These incidents were, however, all behind Alexander Kristoff (Katusha) as the Winner emerged with victory at Flanders Tour. The win marked his 1st victory at a Monument race.

“It wasn’t easy, but I am really happy”, stated the winner rider.

“I had fantastic legs today”.

Olympic bronze winner Kristoff joined up with Katusha team in the year 2012. (more…)

Australia Gets Gold With Anna Meares

Anna Meares broke all records when she won the keirin and got the 11th title. Australia made a mark in the Paris cycling as they ended really high up with Annette Edmondson winning a second gold medal. Australia got total of 11 medals: 4 gold, 4 silvers and 3 bronze. the total medal count is 4 more than any other country. Only France, who was the host nation, got 5 golds.

With Meares winning the keirin, she is now the owner of more rainbow jerseys than any other female cyclist in the history of track cycling. Up to Sunday, she was on the same level as Felicia Ballanger of France. Felicia had won the 500m time trial race and the sprint in 5 world championships consecutively since 1995.

Meares cried while standing at the podium and she later told the AAP that those were tears of disbelief. She said that she had a dream even before the Paris worlds had been announced that she would get to meet Felicia Ballanger and also win the 11th title. All of these came true for the Australian cyclist. (more…)