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Biking like never before

Cycling has always been a crowd puller since its advent and mountain biking is no small art which lacks popularity. This immensely popular adventure sport deals with riders going off the road on their bikes and into the wid. The obstacles are many as per the different categories of mountain biking.

Cross country gives a complete feel of the wild terrain whereas all mountains is mainly about doing pulling of steep rides both up and down. This can be done anywhere on road as well as on specially created tracks with ramps and other equipment for best display of skills. Mostly bikers tend to prefer off road trials and love to rough out their bikes in the wild.

They take upon many risks and carry extra supplies in their back packs. Tools for trailside repair jobs and emergency first aid kits for injuries beyond the region of available help is also essential for mountain biking.

The bikes themselves are customized to deal with the problems of mountain biking. The suspensions are stronger in order to dampen and support the heavier more sturdy framework of the bike which I also another necessity for mountain bikes. The wheels are stronger along with thicker tires for that extra grip on the loose terrain. The bikers also need to be in a more dynamic position then when cycling.

In mountain biking handling is very essential and so the biker needs to be always ready for action along the course and look out for rocks and loose soil all along the way. Shock absorption by the forks as well as the suspension can be simple springs to hydraulics to make sure that the bike doesn’t get beat up long the trial. There is also the use of disc brakes which comes really handy for breaking on slopes and increases the altogether maneuverability of the bike.

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is basically a sport where bicycles are ridden in terrains off the road and the bikes used in such sports are specially designed for rough terrain.  The features and looks of mountain bikes are similar to general bikes but their gear and wheels are designed to endure rougher surfaces without causing too much friction too. Mountain biking is a type of professional sport as well and there are several professional bikers who are known for their excellent skills in mountain biking.

  • Categories of mountain biking

The whole system and group of mountain biking can be broken down into a few categories-

a)      Cross country (also depicted as XC) mountain biking

b)      Downhill mountain biking

c)      Free ride mountain biking

d)     Dirt jumping mountain biking

e)      Slope style mountain biking

f)       Trail riding dirt trails mountain biking

g)      All mountains mountain biking

Some of these categories are used in tournaments and competitions for professional bikers in the field of mountain biking most mountain biking is placed under the cross country and trail riding categories for recreational and professional racing sports.

  • Main skills required in mountain biking

Any mountain biking sportsman needs endurance, balance, bike handling and confidence skills for the sport. They also need strength, stamina, technical drops and skills in making jumps, ramps and aerial maneuvers. They also need to know the technical details required for this sport.

  • Equipment required for mountain biking

There are a lot of specific equipment needed for mountain biking-

Durable and efficient bikes made for  exclusive trails and terrains, protective gear and accessories like mountain biking glasses, gloves, GPS navigation systems, Pumps for the tires, bike repair tools, headgear, high power lights, sole gripper shoes and other items are all required for mountain biking.

Mountain biking race season ends with Fall Classic

The mountain biking race comes to an end for this season with the Fall Classic. The cyclists seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed the event. It has been reported that near about 230 riders participated in this event. The track of this event goes through Horseshoe Gulch to Baker’s Tank and ends in Indiana Gulch. Jeff Westcott, the coordinator of the event, stated that all the riders were pretty much satisfied with the track.

Westcott asserted that the Fall Classic has been around since 1980s and it is of a great importance in the world of mountain biking.

As far as the leaderboard is concerned Cameron Chambers grabbed the first position with 2 hours, 20 minutes and 7 seconds timing in the elite men category. The second spot was claimed by Jay Henry with 2:24:40 and Peter Kalmes followed him with 2:28:52. Nick Truitt secured the fourth spot and he was also announced the overall mountain biking champion of this year in the category of the elite men as he won seven Summit Mountain Challenges races this season.

In the elite women category, Gretchen Reeves, who won the Firecracker 50 women’s championship this year, grabbed the first position with 2:50:36. Sara Schuler followed her with 2:54:14 timing and Jaime Brede, the famous Breck rider finished in 3:01:09.

In the category of the expert men 19-34, Joe Howdyshell took the first position by beating Scott Archer by 10 points. Westcott seemed really impressed with Sarah Homolish who grabbed the overall third position in mountain biking in women’s 19-39 this season. Westcott stated that it was really very impressive of Sarah. Then he added that she must have been very happy to share the podium in overall category and it must encourage her to do better for the next season.