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New Generation American Cyclists

The recent doping issues involving some of the American riding stalwarts, especially Lance Armstrong have forced a heavy blow to the esteemed reputation of American cycling. But fortunately, some of the young turks of US cycling like 21 year old Lawson Craddock & 24 years old Carter Jones, led by 24 years of Tejay Garderen have assumed the responsibility of recreating a cleaner cycling environ for America.

Garderen, who recently achieved the celebrated race leader jersey on Friday on his time-trial win in Amgen Tour of California declared that it’s their (the new generation US cyclists) responsibility to ensure that the offseason catastrophic which brought down some of the best names in US biking does not happen again.

“Responsibility is vital here. We do have the responsibility to stay away from that road which led to the infamy of American cycling in the recent past. The sport is mostly clean now & it’s our responsibility to make is stay that way only”, noted Tejay Garderen, one of the leading names from BMC. He stressed that they are focused on providing the valued American riding fans with a straight clean show.

Amgen Tour of California is the first prestigious race to take place in America after the continent was dethroned from its usual royal position in world cycling given the doping confessions by some of the best American cyclists. The new generation has announced that they would collectively and individually stay responsible to clean up the sport and also the remnants left by the defamed predecessors. The young turks of US cycling are focused to prove the worth of American cycling, this week & going forward as well.

As Craddock said-“The good part is that presently we are backed by a fantastic team of young American cyclists. We are very motivated and want to perform better in a clean way putting all that mishaps behind us”.