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New Book by Thor Hushovd

Thor Hushovd has retired from the world of cycling but he is launching his book soon. His autobiography is hailed as a controversial version. The book is labelled as Thor that is expected to be sensational and bring an insight into the sport of cycling. The book deals with the abuse of drug usage and corruption of political life. The wrecking image of the governing body of cycling is thrown open in the book.

It is revealed in the book that he visited Lance Armstrong in 2011 and it was revealed that he had taken drugs. He states it vehemently that he exploited the nature of the sports body. It was unexpected of him to say that and to hear it. He wanted to show him that he was wrong but he could not do it. Hushovd himself states that he thought about the usage of drugs when he was paralysed and he believed that the International Cycling Union had hidden the drug tests of various riders which were positive.

The entire system was corrupt that is what he believed in. He states that it would be a shame if the Union had to accept and tell the whole world that Lance was on the wrong foot. Hence in order to protect the world of cycling the association kept quiet. His professional career lasted for 15 long years but was not without any ups and downs. In fact he had to go through a lot of injuries as well. He did not take part in the final race which took place in 2014. In 2010 he had won the Road World Championship. Individual stages have also been won by him of the Tour de France. He has numerous achievements under his belt which will be remembered by the cyclists.

The Kazakh Storm on Cycling Tracks

Alexander Nikolaevich Vinokourov, the professional bicycle racer from Kazakhstan is now functioning as the general manager of UCI ProTeam Astana. Vinokourov was also the national cycling champion in Kazakhstan and grabbed two medals in the Summer Olympics also. Adding to it, as a cyclist, he got two bronzes in World Championships, four stages wins each in the Tour de France as well as Vuelta a España, and an overall title in the year 2006.

Creating the latest in news about him, Vinokourov grabbed a commendable victory in the men’s cycling road race, by dashing off the British hopes of gold, in the full day competition at the London Olympic. Vinokourov tactfully surged past the Colombia’s Rigoberto Uran during the final stretch near the London Buckingham Palace after the most boasted a British team ultimately failed in a frantic attempt to lessen the gap of less than a minute behind the leading pack and pave way for the world champion Mark Cavendish to grab the victory.

Vinokourov was previously banned from racing for 2 years in 2007 for blood doping. He announced his retirement from professional cycling after the last year Tour de France; however it is evident that he failed in resisting the urge to get back on his bike again. Vinokourov also suffered a very serious crash during the 2011 Tour de France, which also poised a threat to prematurely end Vinokourov’s cycling career again after the successful return.

However, later that year, he announced his return for another season in 2012 – clearly keeping an eye on the London Olympics and now proving that it was a quite apt decision for him to be made. Vinokourov played the vital role of an ultimate spoiler when he dramatically won the gold in men’s road race after breaking-away with the Colombian Rigoberto Urán in the closing miles.