The New Vesp VO2 Has A Carbon Frame At A Very Affordable Price

Every cyclist has the dream of owning a Carbon fibre bike. The carbon bikes are faster as they are lighter and are more comfortable but very expensive. The most expensive bikes found in the market today are all carbon bikes. But foe all the carbon bike cravers, there is a good news as the VO2 from Vesp has a build of carbon fibre but is very much affordable as it is available under the £1000 price. This one is a renowned company mainly known for its great wheels.

The whole credit of this goes to Jimmy George the Kent based designer as he proved that the bikes made of carbon fibre need not be sold at extremely high rates to bring in profits. The light, fast and very comfortable bike can a huge hit and make the other manufacturers think a bit.

Although the Vesp is not a bad bike, it too has a few drawbacks. Its features are very limited but that is what makes it more interesting. The other thing is that the great carbon frame, the seat stays and the forks are of very good quality but even though they are comfortable, the cost if combined has made the company have low budgets for its other builds.

The Vesp VO2 is mainly targeting the inexperienced cyclists who are more enthusiastic of the frame rather than the features. For them anything that has oversized tubes and the stem is shaped into something that looks like aerodynamics, the bike automatically appears to be better than it is. The price is what perfectly justifies the make and if you want a fun, comfortable ride, then this bike is probably the best option.

The actual problem is that even though the price is really low, this kind of bike should not be used by an amateur cyclist. The alloy bikes are a better choice as they have a better quality of wheels and other components.