Path Bicycle Stunt Video clip Ranking: four / 5


  1. jakeryder101

    @TheRealEmskiHelp Nice one ? i dont care ?

  2. TheRealEmskiHelp

    @jakeryder101 There’s videos from the 80s that look better than this.


    @miniman241 If i had a dime for every freaking time heard that Lame as comment i would be a Millionaire

  4. jakeryder101

    @miniman241 great ? this video is from 2005 ?

  5. miniman241

    If i had a dime for every pixel, i would have one dime

  6. johnwright02torridon

    great subject matter but tou gotta get a better camera

  7. kozzish

    this is not trial bikes this is bad quality

  8. 100msw

    I think you will find he lost his arm
    and there are no trials bike riders call adam raa, the world second maybe adam raga

  9. yzwishyz

    damnn i wonder what the guy who invented dirt bikes would say if he saw this

  10. ChaplainC

    I love watching trials, and yours would have been really great if…

    If you only had some half decent video quality. The thing is so grainy that it is hard to watch. Too bad really,I hope you can toss up some with higher quality, because I would love to watch them.

  11. redbullmx29

    I ride a dirt bike and I can’t do a wheelie

  12. VonenEsp


    Depends on the bike’s year and maker, 2t or 4t. Anyway around 280cc.

  13. arkdemoni

    eu vou fazer isso com minha pop 100cc….haushaushuas zuaaaaaassss

  14. LeviCarlton

    did that kid have any arms?

  15. danmian2

    @legoflamb połÔamał sobie kurwa klate co w tym takiego dziwnego??:)

  16. 309carter1

    man those obsticles are brutal i ride dirt bikes and you trials riders have my respect that takes some serious skill and lots of practice

  17. AJslippery

    this is probably the worst song ive ever heard on a video, ever.

  18. fegkiller

    it’s so sick how they can climb so high and fast ( i wanna drive trail bikes but no money for it D: )

  19. motocrossking87

    what cc is that bike?

  20. konkeydong27

    This stuff needs more coverage. ESPN is lagging,,,,,

  21. hateme4eternity

    bollocks. his arms are gone. cant yew see the stump when they pull him out.

  22. hateme4eternity

    bollocks his arms are gone. yew can see the stumps

  23. mice224

    awesome i love this !

  24. WildSharkProductions

    its all in the throttle.

  25. ecdm311

    Nice vid. What band/song is that?

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